#239 – Wasted Time

Good morning diligent people with a purpose

God is speaking to me again through Dr Munroe’s book, ‘The Principles and Power of Vision’. I waste too much time in life yet I complain heaps about not having enough time. Maybe you do too.

God has asked me to fulfil my purpose and that includes writing books, devotionals and other resources that empowers the Church to deepen their relationship with God (intimacy) and become more like Jesus (character).

At times (too often) I have an imbalanced and unhealthy focus on relaxing. I work hard during the day so my focus at night is relaxing. Now, there’s nothing wrong with rest, in fact, it’s godly, but truth is sometimes I should be fulfilling my purpose when I’d rather be resting. Balance is needed, but I simply put to all of us today, that we need to assess what God has asked us to do and then ensure we give enough time to it.

The Bible says, “Where you treasure is, there your heart is also.” I wonder if the same principle applies with our time. I’m sure it does.

One last point here. Many complain about not having enough time due to the busyness of life. To be blunt, you’re in charge of your diary. You’ve got to decide what is most important to you. You’ve got to decide whether fulfilling God’s purpose for your life is your highest priority. We need to learn to say no to some things and take control of our lives. Together let’s fulfil our purpose, for heaven’s sake.