#238 – Our Purpose

Good morning people with a purpose

I am currently reading a book called, ‘The Principles and Power of Vision’ by Dr Myles Munroe. He covers many challenging and inspiring truths, one of which is we were all created with a purpose to fulfil. Our lives are not accidental. God created our purpose; that which we were placed on the earth to do, before He created us. I love this thought!

God doesn’t create a person and then say, “Now what shall I get them to do?” God has a purpose first then He says “I want to fulfil this purpose therefore I will create Steve to do it.” WOW! I believe this order to be true and with this realisation comes the necessity to discover our purposes in life. I can’t do this concept justice in a couple of paragraphs but suffice to say:

1. God had a plan; a purpose in His mind first.

2. Then God created us to fulfil that purpose.

3. We need to identify God’s purpose for our lives.

4. We need to fulfil God’s purpose for our lives.

You might say I don’t know where to start with all this. Get a hold of this book and slowly and prayerfully read it allowing the Holy Spirit to direct you.

Further Reading: Psalm 37:4-6, 23-24 .