#226 – Great Boldness

Good morning mighty people of God

Acts 4:29 Now, Lord, consider their threats and enable your servants to speak your word with great boldness.

We need men and women, young people and older people, who boldly declare what God has done. Many people that don’t know Christ are very verbal and definite about what they believe while many times Christians are timid and silent. This ought not to be.

It’s time to ask God for some boldness. It’s time to stir our faith and to get our eyes fully on Jesus and all that He has done. It’s time to get past ourselves and allow the power of God to flow. For some, it’s time to be filled with the Holy Spirit because that is when God promises to give us power to be His witnesses. It’s time, not for excuses, but for boldness and God is willing to give it.

God is looking for a generation who desire Him more than life itself. He is looking for people through whom He can declare Himself. I want to be one of those people with a Holy Ghost boldness to declare the Word of God. Do you? I am inadequate by myself but I am more than able through the power of God. It’s Christ in me that’s the hope of glory; and more accurately put; it’s Christ seen and heard through me that is that hope for others.

“Father, give us that boldness that you gave the New Testament disciples. Lord we know that it first must come from being with you. We make a commitment to living in relationship with You. But we also dare to ask specifically for Holy Ghost boldness; boldness to speak your Word with authority and great love. We receive all that you’ve got for us this day in Jesus Name.”