#2162 – Be Extravagant

Good morning people who don’t despise but celebrate others

I’ve discovered that we will either enter into extravagant, whole-hearted, full-bodied praise…or we will often judge those who do. There seems to be little middle ground. King David experienced this too:

2 Samuel 6:14-16 (NIV) Wearing a linen ephod, David was dancing before the Lord with all his might, while he and all Israel were bringing up the ark of the Lord with shouts and the sound of trumpets. As the ark of the Lord was entering the City of David, Michal daughter of Saul watched from a window. And when she saw King David leaping and dancing before the Lord, she despised him in her heart.

Here’s the truth: David’s wife Michal should have been down celebrating and praising the Lord with David. Praise was the right response in this situation.

But instead of praising, she was watching. Oh how this tragically still happens today! Many people watch those who dance before the Lord with all their might and shout unto God with a voice of triumph, and they sit in judgement and criticism. Denomination against denomination, Christian against Christian, husband against wife…divisions where there should be unity.

Praise is not a denominational thing…it is a God thing. Praise is right and there is a garment of praise to be worn by every Believer. Maybe it’s time to praise as we are invited and instructed to…maybe our perspective and ability to live life might change as we do things God’s way. 

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