#2160 – Put Praise On

Good morning people who are filled to overflowing with the goodness of God

We will either live by feeling or by truth…very rarely both. Feelings have become the greater robber of people walking in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Many times we get up in the morning feeling weary or unwell. Our ‘to-do-lists’ overwhelm us and there is tension in some of our relationships. The boss is difficult and there are challenges with the staff. A dark cloud seems to remain and joy is a distant dream.

“So what are we meant to do?”

It’s time to get our praise on! Oh permit me to push in as you push back this morning. Listening to and living by your feelings rarely brings about the empowered life that we all desire. Here’s this spiritual principle at work once again: wholehearted and full-bodied praise in the midst of deep dark feelings is a spiritual equation that brings about supernatural change…it just does!

Let me explain (in part) how this works.

Praising God when we don’t feel like it puts the focus back on God: not on us. It declares God and His goodness is more important than how we feel. It gives the devil notice that we will not live under his attack but that we will live in the power of the Holy Spirit. It also interrupts and contradicts the negative thought patterns and gives a shot of Holy Ghost adrenalin into our system. It declares our God is greater than any circumstance and that He is always worthy of praise. Praise is powerful.

“Rather than try to pray your way through today, why don’t you try and praise your way through. Go on, give notice to the devil and bring glory to God!”

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