#2121 – Heart Attitude

Good morning people who live lives worth following

As we consider this truth that the Holy Spirit is the Change Agent in people lives, I want to press in a little to this thought of behaviour versus heart.

Sometimes people who are not actively walking with God can be living a settled responsible life, while others can be making many damaging choices. Subtly we buy into the lie that the person whose behaviour is worse needs God more. Did you hear what I said?

Here is the truth: God is a God of hearts more than He is a God of behaviour.

Now I am not saying that God does not care about what we do – He does. But He cares more about the state of our hearts. This is why God showed so much grace to many people who stumbled and fell along their journey of faith in the Bible (Peter instantly comes to mind).

From the stated truth that it does matter what we do, I want to challenge us that what we do has at times become more important than our heart attitude and responsiveness to God. This is why so many people feel condemned and unworthy before God: what we do is spoken of more than who we are, and more importantly, Whose we are.

So if you desire to see change in people’s lives, focus on their heart more than their behaviour. If they aren’t walking with God, that is the most important thing. Let’s live a life worth following. Let’s accurately portray a God Who loves them, yes, even while they are sinners. Let’s allow the Holy Spirit to draw them to Himself – He is very good at what He does. 

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