#210 – Younger & Older

Good morning people of all generations

I believe younger people have much to learn from older and wiser people. We need younger people to seek out older people to learn from and we need older people who seek out younger people to impart wisdom and knowledge to.

Younger people, do you respect those that are older and wiser than you? Are you courteous to them? Do you show respect them by doing simple things like letting them walk through a door first and listening to them when they speak? Your life will be far richer as you seek to learn from those who have lived life longer than you. Listen, watch and learn. Every one of us needs older people speaking into our lives. Don’t wait to be asked; initiate with someone older than you whose life inspires you. Ask them if you can catch-up and simply learn from them.

Older people, we need to learn from you. Don’t wait for someone to ask you questions about life; seek out younger people and initiate some time with them. They need your wisdom and perspective. Don’t wait until you have got it all together; you have things to offer them now.

May God bless our older people and may He bless our younger people through them.