#209 – Energised

Good morning energised people

You can be physically tired yet spiritually alive if you stay continually plugged into the Source of Life; His Name is Jesus! Our lives are the same as anything else that is reliant upon a power source. You unplug your computer and run on the battery, things are ok for awhile but it is not very long until energy is depleted and things start to break down. So it is with our lives.

I’ll say it again; Jesus Christ is the Source of Life and He is the only One from whom we can get the required energy to live life well. We must not be ones that occasionally plug into the Source but largely run on our own energy. It does not, and cannot, work like this. If we believe we can live this life without continually being plugged into the Source, we are fooling ourselves. Accepting Christ in a moment of decision ensures eternal life but we do not stay camped at this moment of decision. We must grow up and stay continually in relationship with our Saviour. When we do this, and it becomes a part of our everyday life and as natural as breathing, I believe the result is a supernaturally given energy that comes directly from the Source of Life and His Name is Jesus! Stay plugged in and feel The Power!

Acts 17:28 For in Him (God) we live and move and have our being.