#2089 – Your Position

Good morning people who are empowered by God to move forward

One of the most powerful weapons of the enemy is accusation. He loves to point the finger, remind us of our mistakes and try and keep us living in rejection. This is something that I have struggled with over the years.

But the truth is: the devil is a liar and Jesus is the Truth!

Today, I want to stretch your thinking and speak words that are life. Here we go:

“A wrong decision is never a fatal decision unless we settle there.”

Too many times people think the decision they made was fatal. It was not! Your past sinful decisions have no power over your future! You may have lied, deceived, committed adultery, murdered, rebelled or ran away, but you need to know that your decisions are not fatal…

…camping at the place of your past decisions is fatal.

The enemy would keep some of you looking back, but he has no right to do this! You believe you can’t move forward because of what you have done. This is an outright lie from the enemy, a lie that you need to move forward from…and you can!

“Decisions aren’t fatal – positions are!”

So what position are you living in today? You may have gotten off course, but it is your choice if you stay in that position or move forward in God.

Consider King David. He made some major wrong decisions (including adultery and murder). They were devastating, but they were not fatal. Why? Because David moved forward in repentance; his position changed…and so can yours today.

Tomorrow I want to talk about this some more. Freedom awaits you.

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