#2032 – Complete Honesty

Good morning people who make wise decisions on the little things

As we purpose to live holy lives, lives that please God, let’s ensure we deal with little things quickly. One of the ways we do this is to be completely honest about our motivation.

Let me be transparent with you here so that you are empowered.

In the past, I have tripped up in the moral area; I have looked at things that I shouldn’t have. I have received God’s forgiveness and my wife’s forgiveness and I am grateful for this. The reason I mention this is that part of my path to freedom was coming to a place of complete honesty about my motivation. Today I want to talk about this in the little things.

So often we ‘accidently’ find ourselves in a little compromising place and we believe that it was completely innocent. Sometimes it is – I’ve been there and so have you. But the truth is, sometimes it is through carelessness or even a little wrong motivation mixed in with lots of good motivation.

For example, you want to check out something perfectly innocent on the internet or the TV, but you know that you’re feeling a little vulnerable or tempted, or that your innocent link might cause you to innocently see something else.

It’s time to be honest with ourselves, and if there is any wrong motivation, don’t go there. This is not legalism – this is wisdom, and it results in freedom.

So ask yourself today why you go there, click there, flick there, say that, do that…and be completely honest with yourself. And even if there is only a little wrong motivation, don’t go there!

Trust me, freedom is delightful and it is available to you on the other side of complete honesty. 

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