#2030 – Little Things

Good morning my friends who live for the glory of God

As we desire to honour God and to reflect Him more, here is a thought that I want us to consider today: It’s the little things that we need to deal with.

It is true that we all have had (maybe still have) some big things that need to be dealt with in our lives. We have all had areas of addiction or intense struggle against sin and compromise. Many of us have dealt ruthlessly with these and we are walking in relative freedom – praise God! Some of us still need a breakthrough, and I pray God speaks to you and you are empowered in Him.

But today it’s the little things that Father is highlighting as dangerous. Here’s a thought from the Bible from a chapter between a husband and a wife who are in love:

Song of Solomon 2:15 (NIV) Catch for us the foxes, the little foxes that ruin the vineyards, our vineyards that are in bloom.

This husband and wife were in love; it was in bloom. Maybe your marriage is like this today – mine is and I am extremely thankful to God.

But as Solomon, the wisest man who has ever lived knew, we need to ensure the little foxes that can ruin our love are caught and dealt with. Many marriages break down because a little thing was left unchecked and not dealt with. In fact, most, if not all, big things grew out of little things that were allowed because they were “just a little thing”.

The word of the Lord to you today my friends is to deal with the little things. It’s the little bad attitude, the little unforgiveness, the little look at that other woman, the little feelings toward that other man, the little laziness, the little careless words…it’s just the little that could destroy you.

It’s time to deal with the little things and be free.

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