#19 – Selah

Good morning chosen people of God

A couple of people have asked what ‘Selah’ means. It is not a misspelling of ‘Sheila’ as one person jokingly pointed out.

Selah is found repeatedly throughout the Bible, especially in Psalms, and simply means ‘pause’. It also has the thought of ‘think on these things’. This is a simple yet profound tool to effective living. Let me briefly explain.

Worry and meditation are both forms of Selah. Rick Warren in ‘The Purpose Driven Life’ says “If you know how to worry then you know how to meditate because both are just focused thinking”. Many spend so much time and energy worrying about what might be. Someone once said “worry is a form of atheism because it denies the power of God”. I believe that worry never changes the outcome of a situation; it simply uses up vital energy needed to get through what MIGHT happen.

Meditation is the positive and godly side of focused thinking and the Bible repeatedly tells us to do it. I’m not sure it says anywhere in the Bible to read the Bible but it does tell us to ‘hide it in your heart, meditate on it day and night