#143 – Preparation

Good morning disciples of Christ

My wife has recently painted our out-door concrete entertainment area. Sally has painted other things in the past including furniture and walls. I have discovered that I am allergic to painting (at least that is my excuse!) Upon observation, I notice that many times the preparation stage is the longest and the most labour-intensive stage. I think this is how it is with our lives.

God has an amazing landscape which is the end result of our lives. We just want to get there and get there quickly! We want maturity to come overnight and we want to develop character simply through praying. I’ve discovered that doesn’t happen. Daily living is the preparation stage that is essential for the landscape of our lives to be painted. The scrubbing down is not wasted; it is necessary for the paint to stick and last longer. To the degree that we apply ourselves to the preparation is to the degree that the painting is vibrant, alive and lasting. I’m glad God is not like me because I prepare for five minutes and have had enough. I’m saying “Come on Sal, let’s skip this part and just paint!” Many times we do the same with God little knowing that if we had our way, the end result would not be as wonderful. God, like Sal, knows what He is doing.

It’s in the preparation that the beauty is born. May your landscape be just as God intended.