#136 – Do Good

Good morning obedient Christ-followers

I always want this devotional to be encouraging and uplifting, as indeed it should be. I also want to always remain scripturally accurate and present the different passages of scripture that bring clarity to issues that we face.

Do I believe in grace? Absolutely! In fact, I am looking at it in more depth at present and I know it is something that God wants me to understand more and teach on more. Do I also believe in truth and righteousness? You better believe it. Sometimes I err on the side of ‘black and white’ and I always need to balance ‘grace and truth’. I believe in both and they go hand in hand together.

But today I am prompted to encourage, maybe challenge, every person reading to stay true to the principles of the Word of God and to follow its commands. The Word of God is under attack and many times it is subtle. In a time where people want to be so culturally relevant, I want to remind us that we firstly must ensure we stay scripturally obedient.

James 4:17 Anyone, then, who knows the good he ought to do and doesn’t do it, sins.

This verse is not complicated or veiled; it is very clear. Sin is a word we would rather do away with and find something less confronting, but sin is sin. I want to encourage us all today to do the good that we know we should do. For some it’s time to stop making excuses and it’s time to start taking action. That will mean different things to people but whatever is needed, let’s commit together to be God-honouring people who do what we know is right and according to God’s Word. Let’s honour God and His Word by doing what we know is right.