#133 – Planted

Good morning people who love God’s House

There is a need for people to be planted in the House of God in order to grow spiritually. Many have become disillusioned with the Church because of what man has done. There are indeed some leaders who need to change the way they are leading and I do not want to minimise the hurt that some have felt as a result of ungodly leadership. I pray you find healing in the Name of Jesus as you forgive and let go. I also want to say that you cannot grow if you are not planted. As it is in the natural so it is in the spiritual.

When you take a plant out of the ground, when its roots are cut off from the soil and the nutrients, the plant will cease to thrive and grow and death will start to set in. it is also true of Christians that are not planted in the House of God. Some may struggle with this today but we must come back to a scriptural foundation and not base our lives upon feelings and circumstances.

Being planted does not mean occasionally putting our roots down into the soil. It is not a casual passing by. It is also not simply attendance to a Church. When a plant is planted in soil and health is the result it is due to a total commitment; the plant in effect gives itself to the soil. The plant is dependent upon the soil for life and sustenance. A healthy plant gives back into the ground and the same healthy plant receives life flow from the ground in which it is planted. Being planted is essential for growth; naturally and spiritually.

Are you planted in God’s House? Are you fully committed to staying in the place that God has put you in? Are you contributing and are you receiving? If you are looking for a perfect Church, stop looking now. As long as there are people there will be problems. But in the same way that others accept your imperfections on the journey, you need to accept others and together, as we are planted, we will grow.

Psalm 1:3 He is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither. Whatever he does prospers.