#126 – God’s Heart

Good morning people hungry for God

I’ve just been sitting in the presence of God and I felt my heart being moved with God’s heart for people. I think that many times God’s heart is misunderstood due to the difficulties of life. Many times God is blamed for things that He is not responsible for. Many times people miss God in the moment. I saw the following picture.

I saw a battle field where many wounded were lying on the ground and among them were some dead. It was an intense sense of many bodies. I then saw God in different scenes ministering to people but they did not realise it was God. One solider needed a drink and God was leaning down lifting a canteen up to his mouth to quench the thirst. Another soldier needed surgery and God was the surgeon skilfully bringing healing to the wound. At the time the soldier didn’t appreciate the surgery because the pain was so intense, little did he know that he would die without it. Some soldiers needed to be carried out of further harm’s way and God stooped down, lifted the soldiers upon his shoulder and helped them off the field. Some had unfortunately lost their lives and God, with a broken heart, dug a grave and with tears in His eyes buried those that had been lost. This is God’s heart for mankind. He comes to meet people where they are at and His heart is always one of compassion. Many times we miss what God is doing because we don’t recognise it is Him. Sometimes He ministers through the gentleness of His Holy Spirit. Sometimes He ministers through other people. Sometimes He ministers through random circumstances, or so that’s what we believe they are. God does care and God’s heart is moved with compassion for you today.

“Father God, I pray that you open my eyes to see your heart for me and for others. Help me to see the many ways that you help me through life. Help me to see the times you keep me from harm, you walk with me through pain, you heal my broken heart and you are simply there. Help me to express your love to others, even when I don’t have it all together myself. May I be a part of God’s love being expressed here on earth. Open my eyes Lord, help me to see clearly today. Help me to know your heart.”