#105 – Greatest Desire

Good morning dearly loved of God

What is God’s greatest desire for your life? It’s a good question and there is a simple answer. God’s greatest desire for your life is to have a good relationship with you. Do you know that deep in your heart? Is this something that you truly believe? We all need to be reminded of this often because it is the foundation of how we live our lives. So I’ll ask you again, do you know that God’s greatest desire is to have a relationship with you? When you are bound in sin, do you know that? When you are far away from Him, do you know that? When you are near to Him, do you know that? God’s greatest desire for you today is not for you to attend Church, be good, fulfil the law, meet expectations or any number of other things that we could put into this sentence. God’s greatest desire is relationship with you!

As we go through our week, my prayer is that we are all mindful of this. Let’s focus on God wanting to spend time with us, not what we can do for Him. Let’s focus on listening to Him, not simply being busy for Him. Let’s focus on discovering God’s heartbeat from His Word and not trying to guess what His will is. Let’s enjoy some time with God; in the quiet place and in the busyness of life. Let’s be still and know that He is God as well as acknowledge Him in all of our ways. Our wonderful Father wants to spend time with us; He wants to walk and talk with you this week because this is His greatest desire.

Will you let Him? Will you take the time? Will you make it your priority?

“Father please reveal your heart to me in a greater way this week. Help me not to complicate it or be distracted from the most important thing in life; my relationship with you. Teach me how to walk with you. Teach me how to listen, to hear and to obey. Lord I love You and this week I will remind myself daily that your greatest desire is to simply be in relationship with me.”