#5691 – Knowing Instruction

Good morning people who following the instructions of the Lord God Almighty.

Proverbs 1:2 MEV To know wisdom and instruction, to perceive the words of understanding.

Let’s hit this head on today as we look at ‘knowing instruction’.

In this scripture, the word ‘instruction’ means ‘to chastise, instruct, chasten, correct, punish, reform, reprove, teach’. And all of this is to be known; to be entered into, and to ‘ascertain by seeing’. It is not ambiguous; it is clear. It is not natural; it is spiritual.

Man left to man’s devices will turn out badly. It is accurate to say that some of the ways of the world and the unwise seem to look advantageous for a moment or season. But be assured, (and we will see this throughout the book of Proverbs), the end is never good.

Order is important, and it is for very good reason that God tells us to ‘know wisdom (first) and instruction (second)’. We must know God if we are to receive His instruction by seeing it as loving correction. Oh, we must never separate the instruction of God from the love and kindness of God. But equally, we must never ignore the instruction of God as being good for us – it always is!

God is not a God of suggestions. God is a God of instructions. And because He is Omniscient, we would do well to trust Him when He speaks. God’s ways are always best, and if His sons and daughters get off track, He will redirect us back to His kingdom ways… If we are listening and humble-hearted.

How is your responsiveness to God’s instructions, including His rebuking and correcting?