Good morning people who use God’s gift of time wisely

Sometimes what makes something right or wrong is not the thing itself. Let me explain.

Many things - possibly most things - are amoral; they are neither moral or immoral. For example, playing sports, watching TV, shopping, eating, playing games, hanging out with friends...these things in and of themselves are neither moral or immoral.

But there are times when I go to do one of these things (or something else amoral), and I feel the Holy Spirit prompt me to do something different. It might be spend time with Father, read the Word, encourage someone...or it might be mow the lawns, go for a walk, lay down and rest.

It’s in these moments, that my next decision makes what I am doing right or wrong, not because of the thing itself, but because of the instruction of God that came in the form of a whisper from Him.

This is how Jesus lived. His life was not His own; He lived to fulfil what His Father told Him to do. Jesus understood that His time on earth was important and it was a gift from the Father. The same is true of our lives.

“When you feel the Holy Spirit prompt you to do something different than what you planned or wanted to do, do you obey, even if it is amoral?”