Good morning people of God who are called to live a prophetic life

As a follower of Jesus Christ and as a prophet, I am being freshly and deeply stirred by the power of a prophetic word in people's lives. I feel Father wants me to write some BIY's focused on what prophetic people are like.

At this point, you might say, "This is not for me because I'm not prophetic".

I wonder if you would let me share some thoughts from God's Word that might change your opinion on that, and even more, greatly stir you to live as a prophetic person and desire the gift of prophecy.

"But Steve, God gives the gift of prophecy to those He wants to give it to, and He hasn't given it to me."

Again, I invite you to come on a journey with me over the coming days and even weeks on BIY, and let's be open to what Father wants to say to us. I think we might be surprised and delighted at what is available to every Believer. I sense the stirring of the Holy Spirit even now as I'm writing - there's more for us all!

Tomorrow, let's start with defining the prophetic as we explore what prophetic people are like.