Good morning people whose God can bring life from what is barren and dead

“Is there an area in your life that seems barren and dead? Is there something that looks hopeless and lifeless?”

I just read a beautiful scripture that was spoken prophetically by the prophet Isaiah about Jesus Christ. This is what it says:

Isaiah 11:1 NIV A shoot will come up from the stump of Jesse; from his roots a Branch will bear fruit.

King David started incredibly well; called, anointed and declared to be ‘a man after God’s own heart’. Yet many generations and centuries later, the fruitful tree of David was now ‘the stump of Jesse’. This was a time when people might have thought, “Is there any hope? Will there be fruit again?”

But then a shoot came from a stump! A fruitful Branch came from the roots! Life Himself – Jesus Christ – came from that which seemed dead and barren!

My Dad who is wonderfully expressive, has delightfully bubbled over with “Look at this tree!” in his back yard. Now his excitement is not that it’s just a tree, but that previously the tree had been cut down to a stump it was dead, it was finished, it was overbut now “Look Steve, there is NEW LIFE!!!”

And so I declare and I prophesy by the Spirit of the Lord, that in your life and through your life, that which is only a stump can become a fruitful branch again!

“Father, may something shift today in the barren places where Your intention and design is MUCH FRUIT!”