Good morning people who move from commitment to covenant

Psalm 50:5 (NIV) “Gather to Me this consecrated people, who made a covenant with Me by sacrifice.”

The invitation to follow God is exactly that: an invitation to follow God.

God wants to gather to Himself consecrated people.

“What does this mean?”

Consecrated means: ‘a saint, godly, holy, faithful’.

“How do we become this kind of person; the kind that God gathers to Himself?”

We need to make a covenant to follow God.

The word ‘covenant’ is a foreign word; a lost concept in today’s ‘if it feels right, do it” culture. ‘Covenant’ has been replaced by ‘commitment’, and unfortunately for many, ‘commitment’ has become ‘casual’ at best. The ‘escape clause’ has become the main text, and the ‘back door’ has become the front door.

But God is calling His people back to a covenant relationship; ‘a binding contract between God and man’.

“But Steve, this is not easy to do! Life is pressured and there are so many demands!”

Yup – and that is why this verse says that the covenant is made ‘by sacrifice’.

Jesus made a covenant with us…by sacrifice. He laid down His life; He shed His blood, for us! This is a true definition of covenant. In fact, it has the words ‘in the sense of cutting’ in the original Greek language for this word. This is not the ‘cutting of the flesh’ that we see today in people’s lives, but rather, this is talking about ‘sacrificially laying down our lives for the sake of Christ’.

Today is the day of ‘covenantal Christianity as a result of sacrifice’.

“Will you be one of these consecrated friends of God?”