Good morning people who are not ignorant of the enemy’s schemes

Luke 4:13 (NIV) When the devil had finished all this tempting, he left Him (Jesus) until an opportune time.

Many things in life do not happen when we want them to. If we are waiting for something wonderful, many times it doesn't happen according to our desired timing; a new job, a promotion, a provision of finances, a future spouse, a restored relationship. But this is also true of difficult times; sickness, redundancy, death of a loved one, an answer to a desperate question.

In this verse we see a plan of the enemy, that is, to tempt people at an opportune time. Opportune time for who? For us? No, for him. He is crafty and waits until we least expect it or we are spiritually, physically or emotionally low.

My friends, we need to be aware of the enemy’s schemes (2 Corinthians 2:11). We do not need to fear, but we do need to be vigilant, especially during times of depletion. Let's understand the times and the seasons.