Good morning people who fulfil your Holy commission to rule over

(From a sermon by David McCracken)

The Church in the Book of Acts powerfully lived out Jesus Commission to rule over! The blind eyes were opened, the dead were raised, and thousands came to Christ!


Because they were exercising His authority to “rule over”!

“What has robbed so much of the Church from its God given commission to exercise His authority and rule?”

One of the major stumbling blocks to Christ’s dominion on the earth, has been that we have totally misunderstood the references of Jesus concerning servanthood and "I'm coming not to be served but to serve."

We have mis-applied this! So, let me make it very simple!!

Every reference in the New Testament to us being a servant or serving, is descriptive of our relationship with God and with other people.

Every reference to us being kings and ruling (taking dominion on the earth) is descriptive of our relationship with the demonic, with sickness, with poverty and every element on the earth that directly withstands the will and purpose of our Father!

Oh, more tomorrow!

(From a sermon by David McCracken)