#5023 – Reset Again

Good morning people who continually come back to the truth of God’s Word.

I hear the Lord say, “Set and reset again.”

I feel in the Spirit that I need to be like a broken record right now. I need to keep on declaring this word. I need to come back to this again and again and again.

And this is what the Lord is saying to you today: “Come back again and again and again to My Word, to My ways, to My truth.’

I see you sitting in quietness today before the Lord. This is not a solemn and depressive sitting, looking for something that is wrong with you. This doesn’t honour God and it is not what He is looking for.

But He does meet us in the stillness and in the quietness. As we settle and silence ourselves, and as we lean in and listen to the Spirit and the Word, God speaks.

And when God speaks, He brings realignment and points us to those things that keep us bound. He does so in order to see us step into the fullness of the freedom for which Christ has set us free.

The truth is, many times it is not about set and forget – if only it were that easy. But it’s not.

Life is about set and reset. It is about responding to the prompting of the Holy Spirit. It is about repenting as He tugs on our heart in His pursuit of drawing us closer to Himself.

So, if you feel God showing you something that He has shown you before, don’t get despondent. This simply proves you are still listening, and that is great news!

So, reset again today. And if you need to reset again tomorrow, do so. Life is found in our ability to set and reset as the Spirit leads us.