#4789 – Foundations First

Good morning people who keep your foundations as your priority.

I saw the following statement with the greater than (>) sign in it: 

Foundations > Framing > Furnishing

Foundations are greater than framing, and framing is greater than furnishing.

Sure, to the eye, it is not that way. But when it comes to longevity of a house and fruitfulness of a house, it most certainly is.

Unfortunately, we often focus on these three in reverse order, and that’s because it appeals to our senses, our desires and other people’s expectations. 

I felt to take a look at the definitions of these three, and it was quite insightful for what Father was saying. Let’s start with foundations today.

Foundations: ‘the lowest load-bearing part of a building, typically below ground level’.

If the foundations are right, we can bear the load. This is so important! Our ability to bear the weight of what is happening in our world today is connected to the strength and consistency of the spiritual foundations of our life.

But foundations are often unseen by others. Think about this. Too often, we give too much attention, to what others see. Yet it is what is unseen that makes or breaks our life! 

It’s time to strengthen our foundations.