#4790 – Framing & Furnishing

Good morning people who build upon healthy and strong foundations.

Foundations are greater than framing, and framing is greater than furnishing.

Framing: ‘a basic structure that underlies or supports something’.

Programs, events, departments, committees and groups are not the main thing. These are all framing that should underlie and support what God wants to accomplish and do.

They are essential (for without them we will not have a functioning house), but they are not the purpose – they serve the purpose

Furnishing: ‘decorative accessories’.

These are the things that people love, that they applaud, that they celebrate, that makes them feel good. They are wonderful, and for many, they are what make a house a home.

But they are pointless without strong foundations!

As spiritual people, we must be so careful that we are not spending our time and energy allocation in the reverse order of foundations > framing > furnishing, and all because of expectations, demands, pride, insecurity or simply what we like to do.

Eternity is too long and the gospel of the kingdom is too important to get this order wrong! 

Foundations first. Framing second. Furnishing third.