#4435 – The Next Step

Good morning people who take a step of faith in your journey with God

Here’s a word from God for someone today:

Don’t try and work everything out – focus on the part God places before you.

Many times we are waiting on God to map out the whole journey clearly and precisely before we take the first step. This is not how it works, and that’s for good reason.

If we knew the whole journey now, we probably wouldn’t take the next step. If we saw every valley, every challenge, every obstacle and every impossibility, we would try and come up with an easier, alternative route. In our own wisdom, we would remove every opportunity for faith to be built and exercised, and we would minimise the road that deepens our confidence in God.

Our Heavenly Father knows exactly what He is doing. He has a plan, and it is a good one – it’s not always easy, but be assured it is always good. When the enemy seems to be winning, our God is profoundly working! Detours are often shortcuts to maturity, and delays are melting pots where greatness is formed.

God knows what He is doing, and He is always for us! So today, I declare that you can trust Him completely! You don’t need to know the big picture and you don’t need to work everything out. Rather, we need to lean in and hear His whisper, and then with courage and boldness, we need to obediently take the next step of faith.