#4176 – Intimacy First

Good morning people who walk with God

Here’s another phrase God spoke to me:

“Never get away from preaching the simplicity of intimacy. It is foundational to all we do.”

Our time with God is more important than anything else. Our theology of God that we gain from our intimacy with Him is the most important theology we form.

God yearns to spend time with you. The Creator of heaven and earth delights to walk and talk with you. Intimacy is not a chore to the Father but a delight, a love, a burning passion.

And He loves spending time regularly. He doesn’t want a long distance relationship. He doesn’t want to be a casual acquaintance. He doesn’t want a one-sided relationship. He wants intimacy; closeness, passion, delight and pleasure…and He wants it with you…today.

God is never bored with you nor does He run out of things to talk about. A relationship with God is not a forced habit or a difficult-to—start conversation. True intimacy with God is the most natural thing we can do because it is what we were created to do. Intimacy is like breathing.

Your foundation in life is not your abilities but your intimacy with the One who created you with gifts and talents. Your success in life will not be based in your hard work alone but in your ability to hear God clearly and obey Him fully. He is our Source and our Sustenance.

Intimacy with God; the closeness of a deepening relationship with Him, can happen at home, at work, at the shops, at the beach, on holiday, on weekends, hanging out with friends or all by yourself. It’s not location based; it is heart based.

Today I declare to you that your intimacy with God is the most important thing in your life. Enjoy Him as He enjoys you.