#4175 – Faith Stirred

Good morning people with faith in God

Here’s another thought God spoke to me.

“You need your faith stirred Steve.”

It is very easy to settle for less than God’s best. It is very easy for discouragement because of seemingly unanswered prayers to stop us believing again. It is easy to look at life primarily through natural eyes and not with spiritual perception. It is easy to settle for entry level faith and not to pursue faith that is growing.

Here’s another phrase God spoke to me:

“Questions don’t always have answers and faith cannot be based on feelings.”

You might be reading this and your faith has been squashed due to questions you have of God and why something happened as it did. We all have some of those questions but they do not need to rob us of our faith in God – if we trust Him no matter what. I have often said, “I don’t understand but I do trust God”.

Faith must transcend feelings because feelings are the greatest enemy to faith. I still struggle at times with this; we all do. But persevere we must.

It’s time to stir your faith again! No one else can awaken your faith. No one can answer some of your questions. No one can remove your feelings. But you and I can have incredible faith in God if we will only dare to believe again; trust God fully again.

It’s time; it’s your time! I speak to you sitting there in your office; it’s your time! I speak to you who believe your time has come and gone; it’s your time! I speak to you who have many questions; it’s your time! I speak to you who feel trapped by feelings; it’s your time!