#4177 – Sacrifice Needed

Good morning people who are faithful to God

Here’s another thought I wrote down.

“I’m challenged by the 14 year old school student who gets up at 5:00am to swim five kilometres every morning before school because she has a desire to represent her country and become a great swimmer. What am I willing to sacrifice in order to represent Jesus well and become great at what I do for His glory? When will excuses stop and action start?”

God has called me to do many things. Sure I am achieving some great things in life as I’m sure you are. But there are some things that God has placed in my heart to do that will never eventuate unless I am willing to sacrifice some time and energy.

People all over the world sacrifice much for what is most important to them. People all over the world want to represent their country well in a particular area of achievement.

We serve the King of all kings and the Lord of all lords. I want to represent Him well. I want to complete the tasks He has pre-ordained for me to do. I want to bring Him pleasure by being faithful and fruitful. How about you?

Are there some things that God has asked of you that you have “not had time” to do?

Maybe it’s time to reappraise and to sacrifice. Hey, why don’t we commit together, you and I, to take a night a week and start to…write that book, research that business opportunity, start that further study, meet together and encourage those people, exercise and keep healthy…have a date night with your spouse, take your children out for some one-on-one time, invite your neighbour over, reconcile that relationship…

Let’s start this week.