#4036 – Battle Involvement

Good morning people who fight the battles that Father tells you to fight

Not every battle is ours to fight, but some most definitely are.

Don’t not get involved in a battle that is yours to fight.

Do you have a family member or a close friend who is not walking with Father?

If so, don’t try to persuade them and don’t buy into the lie that says your best sermon might help them to cross the line.

It is always the Holy Spirit that leads people towards the truth and towards true freedom, not us!

Our part is to fight for them in prayer. We are called to fight for them by speaking life over them and lifting them up to the Father through Word-based declarations. This is our fight, and we most certainly are called to fight these battles.

There is also times when Father wants us to speak directly to the person too. If He leads you to do this, ensure you speak the truth in love, but make sure it is Spirit led.

I remember the time Father said to me, “Unless I specifically tell you to say something to them (loved ones not walking with Father), keep your mouth shut.”

Father knows best, and Father knows what is needed.

Fight when He says fight, speak when He says speak, be silent when He says be silent, love always.