#4037 – Perfect Man

Good morning people who follow the example of the Lord Jesus Christ

Over the next few days, I feel to lean into something Father is speaking to me about. I believe it is a theological shift that will bring hope and empowerment to you.

Before Jesus came to earth and was born of a virgin named Mary, He had existed forever as the Eternal Word and as the Eternal Son of God.

And then in the greatest act imaginable, He followed His Father’s instruction to put aside His divinity and He clothed Himself in humanity. Not only did He become a man, but He also subjected Himself to man in order to save Mankind.

Our best comprehension of the depth of this spiritual reality falls far short of what actually took place. All I can say is “Thank You Father, Son and Holy Spirit.”

Jesus lived a perfect sinless life. It was only in doing so that He could pay the price once and for all.

But this is what I want to start to lean into: Yes, He was perfect and sinless, but He also had times of desiring something different to what His Father’s plan required of Him.

Let’s lean in more tomorrow.