#4035 – Don’t Fight

Good morning people who don’t fight the battles that are not assigned to you

Here’s a word for someone today:

Don’t get involved in a battle that is not yours to fight.

Sometimes we spend far too much energy fighting in battles that are not ours to fight.

You are not called to speak into or solve every problem you see. In fact, this approach is a recipe for burnout, not to mention it is often based in pride.

You are only responsible for what Father says you are responsible for.

If you see something or hear about something that is not right, STOP and ask Father if He requires you to do something.

If He tells you to pray, then pray.

If He tells you to speak, then speak (but make sure you speak the truth in love).

But if He tells you to do nothing, then do nothing.

Don’t fight battles that are not assigned to you.