#1313 – Initiative

Good morning people who are ready for greater things,

Yesterday I shared this thought with you:

I feel God is saying: This is a year to REGAIN LOST GROUND and to GAIN NEW GROUND; it’s a time for both RESTORATION and INITIATION.

For some of us it’s time to regain some lost ground; it’s time for restoration.

For others, it is time to gain some new ground; it’s time for initiation.

It’s not time to settle with the great things that have been. It’s time for you to come up with new ideas. It’s time for you to try new things. It’s time for you to step into a new level of faith. It’s time for you to initiate new things in your relationships. It’s time for you to be the answer in your work place. It’s time for you to go to greater heights in your ministry expression. It’s time to conquer more ground for the kingdom of God.

You were not created for mediocrity. You were not created to reach a plateau and feel you have achieved all that is on God’s agenda for you while you still have many years to live. No, there is more ground to gain and it starts with you initiating.

So what new things has God assigned to you this year?

What are you going to do about achieving these new things?

Like I said yesterday, tell someone about it; be accountable and get it out there so there is no backing down.

It’s time for more! It’s time for greater things! It’s time to gain new ground!