#1312 – Restoration

Good morning people ready to regain some lost ground,

I feel God is saying: This is a year to REGAIN LOST GROUND and to GAIN NEW GROUND; it’s a time for both RESTORATION and INITIATION.

I believe some of us need to regain some lost ground.

For some it is in your relationships. I’m specifically talking about a restoration of that which has been lost. Maybe it is a relationship with your parents, children, spouse or friend that you have lost some ground in. It’s time for restoration.

For some of you there is a need to regain some lost ground of influence and integrity in your employment. People used to know what you stood for but the lines have become blurred over recent times. It’s time for restoration.

For some your spiritual passion has died down. Sure you believe and love God but you have lost some ground. It’s time to stir yourself up and to regain the ground that has slipped away. It’s time for restoration.

Maybe for you it’s in the area of exercise, or eating right, or spending time with friends, or reading the Word…whatever area you have lost some ground in, it’s time to regain that lost ground. It’s time for restoration.

I pray that you will make the necessary decisions today to regain your lost ground. I also pray that you will use wisdom to back that decision up with a healthy and achievable plan. I encourage you to tell someone how you are going and how you plan to move forward. I pray this is a year of restoration for you and those you love.