#1265 – Release Valve

Good morning people who unlock God’s goodness

Hebrews 10:14 Because by one sacrifice He has made perfect (COMPLETE) for ever those who are being made holy.

When we wait to receive from God, the point of action is on us. The reason for this is God has already given all we need.

But the point of action required is not often what we are seeking.

As I mentioned yesterday, if you want joy, don’t seek joy, but live in His presence where the joy He has given will be released to you. The same is true of other things we desire to receive from God.

So let me make this very clear today: It is about aligning ourselves with the release valve of what God has given so that we can receive it.

It’s time to stop waiting to receive and it’s time to start receiving what has already been given.

It’s time to stop waiting on the Lord to act and it’s time to start confidently taking action because of what God has already done.

It’s time to discover and activate the release valve of what we desire from God; that which He has already given.