#1167 – Holy Ground

Good morning people radiating God’s glory

Acts 7:33 Then the Lord said to Moses, “Take off your sandals; the place where you are standing is holy ground.”

Too many times we allocate certain physical locations and places as spiritual. Many religions have nominated a certain spiritual holy place where people go to connect with their god. Sometimes, in subtle ways, we as Christians do the same thing.

But I love the truth of what we’ve just read in God’s Word.

Where was Moses when God said the place he was standing was holy ground? Moses was in the far side of the desert. And the far side of the desert was holy because God was there.

The place where you are standing, sitting or laying down right now is holy ground because the Holy One is living in you; God is there. Right now, whether you are at work, on the train, in your lounge chair, at the shops…in fact, wherever you are, it is a holy place if you are a born-again Christian; a follower of Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour. A church building is no more sacred than a work place…if you carry God’s presence within you.

Therefore be aware of the divine potential in the moment right now.

Look around you. God is there. That’s right, right where you are