#1152 – The Bible

Good morning people who love God’s Word

’Show me the condition of your Bible and I will accurately gauge the condition of your soul’ A.W.Tozer

What a powerfully thought-provoking quote.

As I read this, I am prompted by the thought that it is not so much how much you get into the Word, but how much you let the Word get into you. There are many Bible readers but what the world needs to see is Bible meditators who allow God’s Word to transform them. The Bible needs to be given authority in our lives.

But I am not talking about a legalistic pursuit to try and obtain self-righteousness by our own good efforts. I am talking about diving into God’s Word with a focus of discovering more of Who God is. I’m talking about allowing Who God is to transform who we are as we discover and meditate on God’s goodness, mercy, love, faithfulness, forgiveness, kindness, patience, grace…and discovering it in a deeper measure.

The life-blood of your relationship with God is the Bible. Let me explain.

It’s not just about you praying and communing with God devoid of the Bible, otherwise how do you know it’s God you’re communing with if you don’t know what the Bible says about Him? People get into error when they claim to have a relationship with God but don’t feast on His Word. Let the Word reveal the God you are in relationship with.

It’s time to enjoy the Word more as you discover more of Who God is.