#5821 – Give What’s Needed

Good morning people who are spiritually attuned and know what Father wants to do.

Mark 1:39 NIV So he traveled throughout Galilee, preaching in their synagogues and driving out demons.

With God, there is always an ‘and’.

Jesus preached and He cast out demons. God knew that this was so significant that He intentionally included it in this (and in many other) scriptures.

So, what’s Father saying to us today?

Firstly, what is needed is what is needed. People don’t always know what they need, but God always does. Through the Holy Spirit, He makes Father’s desire clear to those who are listening.

Secondly, what is needed is not always comfortable. Casting out demons isn’t everyone’s version of a great day. But to the one who has been set free, I can confidently assure you that their day just got a whole lot better.

Permit me to challenge us all (myself included). May we never settle for only doing the comfortable parts of our Christian faith and calling, and may we not be so focused on what we think and feel that we leave needy people in slavery.

There is still a God and a devil today. There are still angels and demons today. There is still spirit, soul and body today. There is still spiritual freedom and spiritual slavery.

Therefore, when we see people, let’s ask the Father to show us what He needs us to see. And then let’s ask Him to use us to help each person take another step closer to Him. If that’s through preaching repentance, then let’s preach repentance. If that’s through driving out demons, then let’s drive out demons. And in all things, let’s ensure love motivates us.