#5798 – Fail Forward

Good morning people who step towards God in moments of failure.

I hear the loving voice of the Father say, “Fail forward.”

The truth is that we will all fail at times. Therefore, the question is not about if we will fail, but rather, what will we do when we fail.

It is all too easy to feel like giving up when we have missed the mark. I’m sure we have all had moments when we wonder if we can get up and go again. Sometimes moments of failure can be bigger than the failure itself. This is especially true if it is in an area of ongoing struggle.

Again, I hear the Lord say, “Fail forward.”

In other words, when you do have moments of sin, don’t stop, and most definitely don’t step back. These times are when we need to intentionally step forward towards our heavenly Father.

God is for you in times of challenge, and He still sees you as His beloved child. You don’t cease being loved because you feel lost. He doesn’t turn His head away or withdraw His hand. There is tenderness in His eyes towards His sons and daughters.

It is true that missing the mark requires repentance and it may even require working through some things. Restoration may be a process that needs to take place. But all of this does not change Father’s love for you. Like the Father of the prodigal son, our heavenly Father is ready to run towards us even if we have turned away in rebellion.

So, if you find yourself in a place of failure today, fail forward into the loving arms of your heavenly Father. He loves you dearly.