#5775 – Towards God

Good morning people who stop feeding on what doesn’t help your relationship with God.

Proverbs 19:27 MEV Cease, my son, to hear the instruction that causes to err from the words of knowledge.

This proverb is very important for the times that we live in. The writer declared a truth that is still so important and relevant.

Not everything that interests you is good for you. I believe it is time to more prayerfully weigh up the fruit of what we pursue and give our time to.

More educated doesn’t always mean more wisdom. I know some people who have studied much, in fact, they pride themselves on their knowledge. At the same pace of increased knowledge, I have seen a decreased hunger for God. Their lives have followed their passion, and unfortunately, their passion was not God.

It is important to state the truth that not all knowledge and the pursuit of understanding is wrong. The focus of this verse and BIY today is not saying that.

But what is being said is this: If the instructions you are hearing cause you to err from your commitment to walk in the ways of the knowledge of God, then stop listening to those instructions. In fact, repent, and turn your heart back to truly following the Lord, and not just acknowledging Him when it feels convenient.

May we all be a people whose hearts and minds are continually turned towards God.