#5766 – Embracing Maturity

Good morning people who live a life that is an accurate signpost to God.

Proverbs 16:31 MEV The gray-haired head is a crown of glory, if it is found in the way of righteousness.

The goal is not to live to an old age, nor is it to stay young. The goal should be to live a life that results in a crown of glory, and this can only happen as we walk in the way of righteousness.

This scripture has a little word in it that is so significant. It is the word if.

Throughout scripture, there are countless wonderful promises of God. I love them! But they all come with an if. There is this irreversible and inescapable truth of sowing and reaping.

Now, back to our verse.

You and I are called to grow older gracefully, and by this, I mean, full of grace. Oh, to know and spend time with people who are advanced in years and full of the goodness of God! I am privileged to know many, and I am blessed by them all.

I myself am getting a little older (insert smiley face here). I struggled significantly when I turned forty years old. This was a moment of realisation that I was getting older, and at that time, it was not something that I wanted. But as I headed towards fifty, I had this realisation of the importance of mature aged people who walked closely with God, and through their life, accurately pointed others to God. This is who I wanted to be!

In a week, I am turning fifty-one. It’s not old, but I have a lack of hair, and the ones I do have now have plenty of gray in them. But I am embracing this beautiful season that is associated with living and walking in the way of righteousness!

How about you: have you purposed to live a life worth following until the day you die?

May we all be signposts who point people to our glorious and wonderful heavenly Father.