#5740 – Seeking and Reaping

Good morning people who desire to live under the smile of our loving God.

Proverbs 11:27 MEV He who diligently seeks good procures favor, but he who seeks mischief, it will come to him.

Two spiritual realities that frequent the scriptures are seeking and finding, as well as sowing and reaping. As you can see by the title of this BIY, I’ve mixed them together as seeking and reaping. I believe that they are truly interchangeable.

Let’s lean in and listen to Father.

The words diligently seek talk about at dawn, in the morning. In other words, it’s not an afterthought or a last minute or late decision. This is talking about something being a priority.

Diligently seeking good is about an earnest and primary focus of seeking after and desiring what is good in the eyes of God. This is not about personal preference or taste. This is about seeking God and His goodness.

The result for this person is that they will procure favour. While the word procure according to the dictionary means obtain, in this verse it actually means to search out, to strive after. And the word favour means delight.

In other words, this first part of the scripture could be accurately translated as this:

The person who prioritises seeking that which is good is the person who is actually searching out the delight of God over their lives. Now, that’s nice! If we want to walk in the smile of God, we must prioritise seeking out what is good in the eyes of God.  

Conversely, there is another group of people mentioned in this verse, and these are those who seek mischief. The word seek here means to tread or frequent, usually to follow. The word mischief means bad or evil.

The Bible is warning us that if we follow and frequent that which is evil, we will reap or find mere evil. This is so true.

May we be people who seek after and sow into what is good. The smile of God is found there.