#5694 – The Way It Is

Good morning people who continue on the journey of discovering and embracing God’s ways.

Proverbs 1:3 MEV To receive the instruction of wisdom, justice, judgment, and equity.

God’s ways are straight and true and right and perfect. Why? Because God Himself is straight and true and right and perfect. We cannot and must not separate God from His ways.

In the ‘choose your own’ culture that we live in, it is imperative that truth is made clear. Vagueness and ambiguity helps no one – believer or unbeliever alike. And yet, there is far too much of it going on.

Let’s allow God’s wisdom to drop deeper into our hearts today through looking at the meaning of justice, judgement and equity. There is a common theme and thread that is undeniable, and it is essential for us to embrace as Christians.

Justice means to be right. Judgement means a verdict. Equity means to be straight or even.

Do you see what God is repeatedly saying through this Scripture?

We are to receive what is right, not what is popular. We must allow God to adjust us from error to truth.

We are to receive God’s verdict on what is right. Too many people are dictating to God what is right, and this is always wrong. Oh, for the people of God to become submitted to the authority, verdict and decree of God’s Word!

We are to receive what is straight and even. Crooked is not right, and nor is perverseness. Today, sin is celebrated, and righteousness is condemned. It’s so very wrong, but it is prevalent.

So, my question – my challenge – to us all today is this:

Who is the author of what you believe and what you live by – is it God and His ways or is it the world and its ways?

May we all live aligned to truth in its fullness.