#5673 – Reclaiming Plumb Lines

Good morning people who do not sway from one error to another error.

Today is an important day in BIY. My prayer is that the Holy Spirit will spark something deep in the heart of every person reading this.

In carpentry, masonry, and architectural design, the plumb line is a definitive means of measuring a line that is perfectly straight up and down with gravity. When one wants to build a structure that is square with gravity, this simple evaluative tool is essential.

I want to hone in on the words perfectly straight.

God’s Word is the plumb line for sons and daughters of God. It alone determines what is perfectly straight and true.

While many verbally agree with this, too many are now debating what God has clearly decreed in the Bible. To do so is to dishonour God and to rob the world of an encounter with the truth.

When a plumb line is released from your hand, it swings from side to side until it stops in the perfect center. Swinging from side to side is a good illustration of what has been happening with many in the body of Christ. Unfortunately, many do not land in the perfect center. Let me explain.

When we see error, we often react strongly against it. While we should hate what is evil and cling to what is good (Romans 12:9), we should focus on responding to truth and not so much on reacting to error. A reaction to error will often be like a pendulum swing; we will often go from one error into another error. The result of this is that we don’t often land in truth.  

I declare: It’s time to reclaim the plumb line of God’s Word as our foundation and our authority of what is right and wrong. It’s time to reclaim a pursuit of the revelation of truth, and to respond to the truth of who God is and to what God says.