#5649 – Fathers & Families

Good morning people who walk with the Father in a way that empowers the family.

Ephesians 3:14-15 NIV For this reason I kneel before the Father, from whom every family in heaven and on earth derives its name.

Holy reverence before God – the fear of the Lord – is a central truth that is being restored to the church. It is essential that God is seated in the right place in our lives, and that our approach to Him is as it should be. Yes, we are told to ‘come boldly’, and yet the equal truth is that we ‘come humbly’. Both are vitally needed.

Today, I’m drawn to three words in these verses. They are Father, family and name. Let’s dive in.

The word family finds its origin in the Greek word for Father. This is so significant.

Spiritually speaking, the family of God finds its origin in Father God. We are born of His incorruptible seed. We take on His nature and character (more on that tomorrow), and our expression is to be an expression of Him.

Naturally speaking, I believe there is a holy call for natural fathers to receive a deeper revelation that our lives have a significant influence on our families. I know that as I write this, there are many differing factors involved, including solo parents and unsaved husbands (to mention just two). I honour the complexities and difficulties of many people’s reality, but while honouring this, I still want to speak the truth I see in these verses for those whom it may apply.

The way fathers walk with God has a profound impact on the family. None of us are perfect (so let’s settle that now) but having an intentional pursuit to walk closely with the Lord has a huge impact on our family.

Christmas is coming, and it is a season to give gifts. May I point every father – myself included – to walk with God in such a way that we maximise the opportunity for our whole family to walk in intimacy with God. This is the greatest gift we could ever give our families.