#5574 – Today Matters

Good morning people who live this day for the glory of the Lord.

I hear the Father say, “Tell them that today matters.”

It is pointless living in the past or in the future. In fact, neither is possible. We are always living in the present, but sometimes our view is too much on the past or too much on the future. The result is we stunt the potential of living fully for the glory of God today.

Looking back in regret is a waste of today. Condemnation, guilt and shame are enemies that the children of God need to say goodbye to once and for all. The devil is behind that rear view mirror living, and it can never bring about the peace and joy that is part of the kingdom of God.

Looking forward with a ‘one day’ mentality is also not how we are meant to live. Yes, we are to eagerly anticipate the glorious eternity that Jesus is preparing for us, but not at the expense of that same peace and joy that is promised for us today.

Today matters.

Here’s how Jesus told us to pray, and how we are to pray is how we are to live:

Matthew 6:11 NIV “Give us today our daily bread.”

This is talking about God providing for us. It is not reduced down to God’s provision of food, although it does include this. It is talking about everything we need. If we have enough for today, then we have enough.

Some people are hoping that they have enough strength tomorrow, or next month, or in ten years time. If you have enough for today, then you have enough.

Some people are hoping that their job will be secure in the future and that their retirement funds are worked out perfectly now. If you have enough for today, then you have enough.

God is calling us all to live for His glory today. The only way that we can do this is if God Himself is forefront in our hearts and minds. May we live today from the overflow of God first.