#5539 – Just Do It

Good morning people who are quick to obey every command that God gives to you.

Before the first miracle Jesus did, His mother Mary said these significant words to those who were serving at the wedding at Cana:

John 2:5 NIV His mother said to the servants, “Do whatever he tells you.”

What would happen if we lived by this simple rule every day of our lives?

I find it noteworthy that this statement by Mary was not made to Jesus’ disciples, but to waiters at a wedding. Please get this today.

I don’t know if they were believers or not, but these waiters obeyed what Jesus told them to do, even though it would have sounded crazy. They filled jars with water, and then they dished ‘water’ up to the guests as wine.

And yet, how often do we as believers not obey God’s commands because of what might or might not happen?

It’s time for believers to be believing believers!

An evident sign that we actually believe God is that we obey God.

If we say we believe God, but we don’t obey God – yes, on every small or big thing – then we don’t actually believe God. We can’t have it both ways here. Believers obey – that’s what they do.

How is your obedience to all that God has said?