#5508 – Simplicity & Power

Good morning people who return to the simple ways of God and His precious Word.

I recently heard the Lord say, “Back to simplicity; back to power!”

We are complicating too much of what God says. We are excusing, changing, modifying and even deleting.

But are we embracing and believing?

Are we positioning ourselves to receive and to release?

Structures, programs, events, planning, strategising, analysing, critiquing, striving is not how Jesus builds His church. Sure, He can and does use some of these things at times as He desires. I am not knocking everything we do.

But I am making it clear that many things that many of us do actually get in the way of God’s power being seen. They don’t help it – they hinder it.

God desires space to move!

God desires freedom to be who He is and to do what He desires to do!

God desires to be God of His church and not just a figurehead.

The God of the Bible is a powerful God! He is a miracle-working God! He heals the sick, raises the dead and drives out demons! He radically and completely changes people’s lives, and He does it in supernatural ways!

Therefore, it’s time to return to the simplicity of, “God, we want people to encounter you today!” Then we partner with Him as He moves in power.