#5485 – No Self Justification

Good morning people who are only justified through embracing the Lord Jesus Christ.

Luke 10:29 NIV But he wanted to justify himself, so he asked Jesus, “And who is my neighbor?”

This statement was made by an expert in the law who wanted to test Jesus. He prided himself on how much of the Law he obeyed. But then Jesus cut through his excuses and focus and left him nowhere to hide.

It was at this point that the lawyer wanted to justify himself.

Whenever we try to justify ourselves to God, we are approaching Him from the wrong starting point. Instead of justification, Jesus loves honesty and humility.

And it’s interesting that the man asked Jesus a question when he was wanting to justify himself.

Are your questions to God based in a desire to know His heart and His will, or are they intended to somehow justify yourself before God?

There is an open door before you into the deeper reality of God. But it is a doorway of submission and surrender, of humility and honesty.

Our righteousness and our justification can only be found in embracing Jesus and receiving fully from Him.