#5471 – No Containment

Good morning people who purpose to let God live larger in you and through you.

These are days of increased miracles!


Because our miracle working God is the same yesterday, today and forever!

I feel an unholy kickback in my spirit from some who want things to be toned down so that we don’t cause disappointment when miracles don’t happen.

As I typed that last line, I saw two things.

Firstly, I naturally understand and emphasise with these thoughts. I too don’t want to be disappointed, and I don’t want to cause disappointment in those who ‘dared to believe again.’

But secondly, I have seen through fresh eyes that the words themselves set us up for the increased possibility of unanswered prayers!

Think about it: the words themselves show a lack of faith. The words I used above are double minded!

We can easily say, “See, nothing happened!”

But is it possible, that at times, nothing happened because we didn’t really believe that anything would happen?

Faith in God is not meant to be contained!

It’s time to believe again and it’s time to receive again.