#5449 – God or Ourselves?

Good morning people who think about God more than we think about ourselves.

John 3:30 NIV “He must become greater; I must become less.”

One of the ongoing challenges of life is thinking about ourselves too much.

Sometimes this is in healthy ways, and sometimes it is in unhealthy ways. Either way, too much of a self-focus is not good.

The greatest clarity of vision comes when God Himself consumes our vision. (I feel I am speaking prophetically to some of you today).

I’m drawn to the intentionality of refocusing our attention onto God. Sometimes we are waiting for it to be easy, or for us to feel like we want to think about God. And sometimes it is easy and we feel it.

But most often, there is a need to ‘deny ourselves, take up our cross, and follow Jesus’.

I’m further drawn to the truth that every YES has a corresponding NO attached to it. By this I mean, every time we say YES to something or someone, we are saying NO to something or someone else.

Every time we say YES to God with intentionality, I truly believe that we are rightly saying NO to the gravitational pull towards an obsession of self. This gravitational pull towards self can be subtle, but subtle things can be very damaging and dangerous.

Today, it’s time to think about the Lord and to fix our eyes on Jesus. It’s time to look for God in His Word and to enter deeply into Him. It’s time to allow His perspective to become our perspective.

Who will you allow to be the centre of your attention today – yourself or God?

Your life will follow your focus.