#5444 – Social Media

Good morning people who take care with what you are feeding on.

I’m not against social media, but I am against social media “taking over.”

Let me explain.

I am against social media taking over our time with God.

This happens all too frequently and something needs to shift.

I am against social media taking over God’s Word as the authority on what is right and wrong.

People do not know better than God, ever!

I am against social media being the determinant for people’s self-esteem and self-worth.

Likes and dislikes, follows and unfollows are not indicators of what Almighty God thinks of you! If you don’t like (no pun intended) what you see, hear or read on social media, ask yourself why and what it is that is bothering you. Maybe your answer lies in what God says about you, and not in what some unknown person says to you.

I am against social media becoming the voice of God in our lives.

Newsflash: Not everything you see, read or hear on social media is God! And this includes from Christians!

Here’s my challenge to you today (are you ready for this?):

Halve your time on social media, and double your time reading your physical Bible.

It’s not about this being right or wrong.

It’s about your passion, your desires, your pursuit, your focus, your mind, your spiritual growth. This is about you and God!

It’s time for the mature sons and daughters of God to be seen in the earth.